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Laptop / PC

You need an laptop. OS installed at this laptop doesn't really matter. The tools we use all work cross platforms. I will be using Windows 11 with PowerShell as my shell.

Microsoft Teams

Download and install Microsoft Teams

Visual Studio Code

Please download and install VS Code. It's available for all platforms or install it with winget (Windows only)

winget install -e --id Microsoft.VisualStudioCode

Bicep plugin for Visual Studio Code

Install Bicep plugin from marketplace

Windows Terminal (if you are using Windows)

Download and install Windows Terminal or install it with winget (Windows only)

winget install -e --id Microsoft.WindowsTerminal

Active Azure account

If you don't have an Azure account, please create one before the workshop. Create your Azure free account

Install az cli

Download and install latest version of az cli from this link or install it with winget (Windows only)

winget install -e --id Microsoft.AzureCLI

If you already have az cli installed, make sure that you use the latest version. To make sure, run the following command

az upgrade

Test your azure account with az cli

Open your terminal (bash, cmd or powershell) and login to your azure account by running this command

# Login using your Azure account
az login

# Get a list of available subscriptions
az account list -o table

# Set subscription by subscription id
az account set --subscription  xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

# Set subscription by name
az account set --subscription subscription_name

Install git

# Install git for Mac
brew install git

# Install git with winget
winget install -e --id Git.Git

Install Azure PowerShell module

Make sure that the latest version of Azure PowerShell is installed. See Install Azure PowerShell module for detailed information.


Download and install Wireshark or use winget (Windows only)

winget install -e --id WiresharkFoundation.Wireshark

Azure Storage Explorer

Download and install Azure Storage Explorer or use winget (Windows only)

winget install --id=Microsoft.Azure.StorageExplorer  -e