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lab-01 - provisioning of lab resources

As always, we need to provision lab environment before we can start working on the lab tasks. To make sure you have all resource providers required by lab resources, run the following commands.

# Make sure that all Resource Providers are registered
az provider register --namespace Microsoft.Insights
az provider register --namespace Microsoft.Network
az provider register --namespace Microsoft.OperationalInsights
az provider register --namespace Microsoft.Storage
az provider register --namespace Microsoft.Compute
az provider register --namespace microsoft.devtestlab

Task #1 - Provision lab environment

Let's clone lab repo and deploy the environment.


The deployment script will ask you to enter the Virtual Machines admin password. Note that supplied password must be between 8-123 characters long and must satisfy at least 3 of password complexity requirements from the following:

  • Contains an uppercase character
  • Contains a lowercase character
  • Contains a numeric digit
  • Contains a special character
  • Control characters are not allowed

For example, Foobar123! is a valid password :)

# Clone the repository to your local machine:
git clone

# Navigate to iac folder
cd .\azure-network-watcher\iac

# Deploy the environment

Estimated deployment time is 5-10 min.

The following resources will be deployed in your subscription under the following resource groups:


Resource name Type Location
iac-ws6-hub-vnet Virtual Network norwayeast
AzureBastionSubnet Subnet norwayeast
workload-snet Subnet norwayeast
iac-ws6-hub-vnet-bastion-nsg Network Security Group norwayeast
iac-ws6-hub-vnet-workload-nsg Network Security Group norwayeast
hubVm Virtual Machine norwayeast
norwayeast... Storage Account norwayeast
westeurope... Storage Account westeurope
northeurope... Storage Account northeurope
iac-ws6-...-law Log Analytics Workspace northeurope


Resource name Type Location
iac-ws6-spoke1-vnet Virtual Network westeurope
workload-snet Subnet westeurope
iac-ws6-spoke1-vnet-nsg Network Security Group westeurope
spoke1Vm Virtual Machine westeurope


Resource name Type Location
iac-ws6-spoke2-vnet Virtual Network northeurope
workload-snet Subnet northeurope
iac-ws6-spoke2-vnet-nsg Network Security Group northeurope
spoke2Vm Virtual Machine northeurope

The network topology


Here is Virtual Networks Address Space and Subnets configuration:

Vnet subnet IP range Location
iac-ws6-hub-vnet ( AzureBastionSubnet norwayeast
iac-ws6-hub-vnet ( workload-snet norwayeast
iac-ws6-spoke1-vnet ( workload-snet westeurope
iac-ws6-spoke2-vnet ( workload-snet northeurope

Virtual Machines configuration

Virtual Machine name OS VNEt/subnet IP Location
hubVm linux iac-ws6-hub-vnet/workload-snet norwayeast
spoke1Vm windows iac-spoke1-vnet/workload-snet westeurope
spoke2Vm windows iac-spoke2-vnet/workload-snet northeurope

Lab environment is implemented using Bicep and you can check the master deployment script.

As always, we follow some basic conventions:

  • most of the resources are prefixed with iac-ws6-
  • for globally unique resources, like Log Analytics Workspace, Storage Accounts we generate unique string based on you subscription id and then use this unique string as part of the name. For example:
var varUniqueString = uniqueString(subscription().id)
name: '${parPrefix}-${uniqueString(resourceGroup().id)}-law'