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Working with Azure Private Links


This is level 200 workshop that covers different aspects of working with Azure Private Links where you will learn:

  • What is Azure Private Link
  • What is Azure Private Endpoint
  • How Azure Private Link, Azure Private Endpoint, and Azure Private Link service work together to create private connections to Azure resources
  • When to use Azure Private Link
  • How to configure DNS settings for private endpoints
  • How to implement Private Endpoint DNS Resolution with Azure DNS Private Resolver
  • How to implement Azure VPN Gateway with P2S VPN connection to mimic on-prem to Azure connectivity

and many more.

Workshop is organized as a combination of theoretical blocks with slides and hand-on labs. Estimated time for workshop completion is between 3 and 4 hours.


  • Welcome + practical information
  • Azure Azure Private Link overview - slides can be found here
  • Lab-01 - Provision lab resources
  • Lab-02 - Create a private endpoint for Azure SQL using Azure Portal
  • Lab-03 - Create a private endpoint for Azure KeyVault using Bicep
  • Lab-04 - Deploy Private DNS Resolver using Bicep
  • Lab-05 - Use Azure Policy to Create DNS Records for Private Endpoints
  • Lab-06 - Network Security Groups support for Private Endpoints
  • Lab-07 - cleaning up resources


Please spend some time before the workshop and make sure that you have installed/registered/configured all prerequisites.